Ayada Maldives

Every journey to Ayada Maldives is dotted with luxury, but your first step into unparalleled indulgence begins with selecting the perfect accommodation. Each villa and suite is a unique sanctuary, an elegant fusion of traditional Maldivian architecture and contemporary allure, promising privacy, comfort, and unforgettable vistas.

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Garden Villa 

Price Range: ($2,000 – $2,500)

Nestled amidst lush tropical flora, the Garden Villas are perfect for those who seek solitude and respite. These villas blend in harmoniously with the natural surroundings, offering a spacious, private courtyard, an outdoor bath and shower, and every amenity to make your stay nothing short of magical.

Room size: 101 m²Entire villa Garden view Pool view Pool with a view Air conditioning Private bathroom Flat-screen TV Minibar Free WiFi

Beach Villa with Private Pool

Price Range: ($2,500 – $3,000)

Imagine waking up to the gentle sound of waves, walking out to a stretch of private beach right from your doorstep. The Beach Villas offer this and more. Each villa boasts a private plunge pool, an outdoor terrace, and direct beach access, ensuring your stay is as idyllic as the view.

Room size: 103 m²Entire villa Private pool Garden view Air conditioning Spa bath Patio Private bathroom Flat-screen TV Terrace Coffee machine Minibar Free WiFi

Sunset Lagoon Suite with Private Pool

Price Range: ($3,000 – $3,500)

Poised on stilts over the tranquil lagoon, the Sunset Lagoon Suites are the epitome of luxury over water. These suites feature a private pool, glass floors for viewing marine life, and direct lagoon access. The majestic sunsets, seen from the suite’s vantage point, are events in themselves.

Room size: 156 m²Entire villa Private pool  Sea view Air conditioning Private bathroom Flat-screen TV Terrace Coffee machine Minibar Free WiFi

Sunset Beach Suite with Private Pool

Price Range: ($3,500 – $4,000)

For those who desire space and privacy, look no further than the Sunset Beach Suites. These exclusive abodes feature a larger living area, a private pool, and a sunset-facing terrace. Their location ensures pristine beach views, making them perfect for a romantic getaway or a family holiday.

Room size: 137 m²Entire villa Private pool  Sea view Air conditioning Private bathroom Flat-screen TV Terrace Coffee machine Minibar Free WiFi

Ocean Villa with Private Pool

Price Range: ($4,000 – $4,500)

Set over the azure waters, the Ocean Villas invite guests to experience opulence in harmony with nature. Each villa is a retreat with direct ocean access, a private pool, and a sundeck, allowing guests to bask in the warmth of the tropical sun while sipping on their favorite cocktail.

Room size: 108 m²Entire villa Private pool  Sea view Air conditioning Private bathroom Flat-screen TV Terrace Coffee machine Minibar Free WiFi

Sunset Ocean Suite with Private Pool

Price Range: ($4,500 – $5,000)

Reserved for those who choose only the pinnacle of luxury travel, the Sunset Ocean Suites are Ayada’s crown jewels. The suites offer unparalleled space, a private outdoor pool, and sophistication at every turn. They are sanctuaries of tranquility, where guests can revel in the beauty of the fiery Maldivian sunsets.

Room size: 172 m²Entire villa Private pool  Sea view Air conditioning Private bathroom Flat-screen TV Terrace Coffee machine Minibar Free WiFi

Ayada Maldives: Enthralling Elegance and Exclusive Escapades

Ayada Maldives isn’t just a destination; it’s the sublime point where experiences that titillate the senses meet moments that will inhabit your memories forever. Nestled in the heart of the stunning coral reefs, this sanctuary promises more than just impressive views; it offers the gift of a realm that’s exclusively yours.

Every element of Ayada Maldives whispers sophistication. From the plush bedding in their intimately designed villas to the immersive pampering at the full-service spa, each aspect is a tribute to unparalleled luxury. Delight in culinary masterpieces at any of the six on-site restaurants, each presenting a gastronomic journey that caters to every whim and fancy.

Ayada Maldives: A Cornucopia of Recreational Indulgences

Whether you seek the thrill of water sports or serene hours within the enriching silence of the library, Ayada has something for every inclination. Families will relish the range of activities designed for all ages, ensuring that younger guests are just as enchanted as the adults. The resort’s diving and snorkeling experiences are world-renowned, offering a unique underwater exploration that will leave you awestruck.

Imagine the charm of beach volleyball at sunset or the allure of a bicycle ride amidst the verdant scenery. From the adrenaline rush of surfing to the calming yoga sessions by the sea, the array of activities is limitless.

Ayada Maldives: Uncompromising Comfort, Service

What sets Ayada Maldives apart, however, is not just its breathtaking locale or the exhaustive list of amenities. It’s the impeccable service that anticipates and caters to your every desire, even before it’s spoken. Each villa is a secluded haven where modern luxury meets traditional Maldivian design, equipped with amenities that ensure every moment of your stay is steeped in comfort and elegance.

The resort’s commitment to exceptional experiences doesn’t end there. Whether you’re witnessing the underwater world’s vibrant hues, lounging in your private overwater hammock, or savoring an exquisite beachfront meal, Ayada makes every instant magical.

Ayada Maldives: A Nourishing Journey for the Soul

The spa facilities at Ayada Maldives are nothing short of a tranquil sanctuary for your senses. Offering a blend of rejuvenating treatments, skilled therapists weave traditional and contemporary techniques that nourish both body and soul. The overwater spa pavilions, set against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean’s azure canvas, exude serenity that lingers long after the massage oils have faded.

Ayada Maldives: Connecting with the Authentic Maldives

At Ayada Maldives, the connection with the environment is palpable. The resort’s eco-conscious practices not only aim to preserve the natural setting but also to imbue every guest’s stay with awareness and respect for the surroundings. It’s an opportunity to interact with the vibrant culture, traditions, and natural beauty of the Maldives.

Ayada Maldives redefines the concept of luxury travel, transporting you to a place where you’re pampered beyond your wildest dreams, amidst the splendid isolation of nature’s grandeur. It’s more than a holiday; it’s a journey back to oneself, a delightful dalliance with serenity, and a lifelong memory waiting to unfold.

Your slice of paradise awaits. Isn’t it time you embraced the extraordinary? Book your transcendent getaway and let Ayada Maldives welcome you to a world of exquisite enchantment.

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