Reethi Faru, Bio Luxury Resort

In the heart of the Maldives, where the ocean whispers tales of eternal summer, lies a mesmerizing world of comfort: the Reethi Faru Bio Luxury Resort. Renowned for its commitment to sustainability and magnificence, this hideaway promises an unforgettable stay, offering a selection of villas, each presenting unparalleled luxury. But, what’s a sojourn without the perfect room to complement the experience?

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Garden Villa 

Price Range: ($500-$600)

Nestled in the lush embrace of tropical flora, the Garden Villas are sanctuaries of calm. Imagine waking to the sound of rustling leaves, the warm, ambient light bathing the spacious, elegantly furnished interiors. With every amenity at your fingertips, relaxation is not just promised; it’s inherent.

Room size: 49 m² Garden view Pool view Pool with a view Air conditioning Spa bath Patio Private bathroom Flat-screen TV Minibar Free WiFi

Water Villa

Price Range: ($700-$800)

From your private veranda, dive into the azure or admire the marine life below. Inside, contemporary elegance dictates the décor, with every detail designed for your comfort. Here, the ocean doesn’t just call to you; it’s an extension of your abode.

Room size: 78 m² Garden view   Sea view Air conditioning Spa bath Patio Private bathroom Flat-screen TV Minibar Free WiFi

Deluxe Beach Pool Villa

Price Range: ($800-$900)

Step into opulence with the Deluxe Beach Pool Villas, where exclusivity is redefined. The beach, a stone’s throw away, makes the sea your playground. Within these walls, luxury takes on a new dimension, with plush interiors, state-of-the-art amenities, and a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living.

Room size: 68 m²Entire villa Private pool Balcony  Sea view Garden view Pool view Pool with a view Air conditioning Spa bath Patio Private bathroom Flat-screen TV Soundproofing Terrace Coffee machine Minibar Free WiFi

Reethi Faru, Bio Luxury Resort: An Eco-Sensitive Haven

Reethi Faru Resort doesn’t just stand on the principles of luxury but is a testament to bio-luxury. With over 80% of lighting from LEDs and a robust food waste policy, it’s a haven where sophistication meets sustainability.

Reethi Faru, Bio Luxury Resort: Unparalleled Comfort in Your Own Space

Every villa, a cocoon of comfort, comes with amenities ensuring a stay of unparalleled luxury. The soundproofed rooms, complete with air conditioning, LED TVs, and 24-hour room service, cater to every whim. Whether you revel in the plush down comforters or step out onto your private balcony, the harmony between lavishness and homely comfort strikes a chord.

Your gastronomic journey encompasses five dining venues, each presenting a unique culinary adventure. From the fresh, ocean-sourced servings at ‘Catch of the Day’ to the exquisite offerings at ‘Diyavaru’, your taste buds are in for a treat. Private dining isn’t just an experience here; it’s a personal soiree between you and the chef’s imagination.

Reethi Faru, Bio Luxury Resort: Wellness and Leisure 

The resort’s full-service spa takes rejuvenation to new heights. Indulge in treatments within any of the eight serene rooms, losing yourself in holistic enchantment with Ayurvedic treatments or a simple deep-tissue massage. Outside, the vibrant coral reefs beckon for scuba diving, while the on-site health club and yoga sessions await your presence.

Reethi Faru, Bio Luxury Resort: Adventure at Every Turn

For the thrill-seekers, Reethi Faru’s plethora of activities is a dream. Engage in windsurfing, motor boating, or take the ecological route with guided tours. Children aren’t overlooked, with a dedicated game room and babysitting services, ensuring they make memories of their own.

Romance finds a special home here. With bespoke proposal packages and enchanting wedding services, love is not just in the air; it’s in every grain of sand.

Reethi Faru’s pledge to the environment is laudable, with significant profits fuelling community and sustainability projects. It educates guests, ensuring they carry a piece of this ecological utopia back, spreading the ethos of environmental love.

Reethi Faru, Bio Luxury Resort: A World Beyond

Reethi Faru, Bio Luxury Resort, isn’t just a holiday; it’s where every moment is woven into the tapestry of lifetime memories. From the eco-conscious traveler to the luxury seeker, it caters to every call of the heart. Embark on this journey – where paradise is home.

Reethi Faru, Bio Luxury Resort: Invest in Unforgettable Memories

The choice of your villa at Reethi Faru Bio Luxury Resort is a pledge to yourself for perfection. Each category is crafted to offer more than a stay; they promise a unique journey steeped in luxury, comfort, and harmony with nature. Whether you’re reveling in the garden’s tranquility, living over the water, or indulging in your private beachside pool, you’re investing in an experience that transcends the ordinary.

Don’t just visit; come, live the enchantment. Your perfect space, in a paradise devoutly yours, awaits.

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